bloodBlood is a powerful and often confusing symbol. From the Divine to the violent, our fascination with blood infuses our collective consciousness. An entire book could be devoted to the symbolism of Blood— and perhaps already has.

The reason behind the power of blood is obvious.  Blood is LIFE— a physical indicator of our existence. And yet, behind this crimson liquid life force, man has imbued blood with great spiritual, divine, and emotional dominion.

Here’s a very small sampling of words that reveal our fascination with blood.
  • Bloodline: A line or sequence of ancestors. In some primitive Amazonian tribes, Shaman are forbidden to taint their bloodline, for to do so destroys and corrupts their mystical powers. Bloodlines produced royal dynasties, perpetuated genetic anomalies and disorders, or got your kinsmen slaughtered.
  • Bloodlust: Intense desire to see people killed.
  • Bloodbath: a fight that ends with death and dismemberment OR a struggle that ends with a group’s total destruction.
  • Blueblood: A member–usually by bloodline– who comes from old historic aristocracy.
  • Oxblood: A really weird name for a color, don’t you agree?
  • Cold-blooded: Adjective to describe actions done without emotion or concern for others’ emotions or consequences.
  • Hot-blooded: Adjective describing one whose actions are determined by intense emotions, be it good or bad.
  • And there’s blood feud, blood sport, blood and guts, bloodcurdling, blooded, bloodguilt, bloodred, bloodstain, bloodstone, bloodsucker, bloody shirt, bloody-minded, lifeblood, and Bloody Mary.

Blood is symbolic of both LIFE and DEATH.

  • determines destiny
  • atones for sins—the goblet from which apostles drank held the symbolic blood of Christ
  • appeases  gods/placates angry gods—human or animal was offered as a sacrifice or gift
  • saves—the Israelites marked their doors with blood from  a slaughtered lamb so that the Spirit of the Lord knew to pass over their homes while on the way to killing everyone with a first born
  • destroys
  • heals
  • is lustful passion
  • is rage
  • is violence
  • is an ingredient in witch brews
  • is Divine—Christ’s blood
  • marks one’s entry into adulthood—blood brother rites and/or a woman’s first menses
  • contaminates—some  early cultures believed women’s monthly blood made them unclean
  • drinking was one way to absorb the power of your enemies
  • letting—in all it’s ancient and modern forms—releases emotional trauma or pain
  • brings emotional trauma or pain
  • a favorite of Vampires everywhere
  • purifies and corrupts
  • saves and curses
  • doesn’t wash off—see Lady Macbeth for details
  • incriminates and exhonerates
 Embrace the powerful symbolism connected with blood.
Have a bloody good time writing your novel!


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