1Fierce! Courageous! Strong! Brave! Beautiful! Tall!

The warlike, self-reliant Amazons were a no nonsense tribe of early feminists.

An intriguing myth first perpetrated by the Greeks,  we’re more familiar with the modern Xena:Warrior princess and Wonder Woman version.

Like all myths there’s few real anthropological indicators to validate that there was indeed a tribe of women warriors. Wow– a race of warlike gorgeous ruling babes–who doesn’t want to totally buy into that legend!

XWP-CHARIOTS-OF-WAR-1X02-xena-warrior-princess-18580789-748-576Let’s start with the myth, because that’s more fun than the reality.

  • They hail from what is now Ukriane
  • Queen Hippolyta wore a magical girdle ( why such independent  women would wear one is beyond me–maybe it held their weapons)
  • They seared or cut off their right breast so it wouldn’t interfer with their archery aim ( although no ancient art depictions support this)
  • One tale claims they had sex with men in the neighboring lands soley to procreate. Boy babies were either returned to the father or left to die in the willderness
  • they dressed as Persian men–in pants
  • they invented the battle-axe
  • a woman couldn’t get married until she killed a man in battle
  • another story asserts the women kept male sex slaves
  • girls were raised to be hunters, warriors, and farmers

WW_(LC_1)What is provable:

  • graves found in the Ukraine reveals many women buried in battle gear and with weapons ( usually a spear)
  • women at the time would definitely have needed to defend themselves from  invaders since their warrior hubbys were on years-long military campaigns
  • scholars believe the myth arose from the Greek culture about their battles with foreign barbarians
  • or the myth originated  from the earlier Minoan civilization ( Bronze age )
  • the Amazon river is named after the explorer, Francisco de Orellana, who claims he encountered a tribe of warrior women while exploring the rain forest.

h2_32.11.4Amazons, bad-ass women who didn’t didn’t need men ( well…except for that one thing)!

Something to mull over:

Being referred to as an Amazon has a  (mostly) positive connotation,

whereas being called a Battle Axe–not so much!

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