7 deadly sinsNothin’ takes you to Writing Hell faster!
  1. pride
  2. envy
  3. wrath
  4. sloth
  5. avarice
  6. gluttony
  7. lust

According to medieval theology, the original 7 deadly sins lead to spiritual death. According to writer theology, succumbing to the the 7 deadly sins of writing leads to a  living hell!

Let’s discover how the 7 deadly Evils apply to an author’s demise ( metaphorically speaking) and more importantly, if these sins can be channeled for Good.

  • Hubris is the kiss of death for writers who refuse to take professional criticism. If someone in the publishing biz offers critical advice about your writing or novel, heed it. Arrogance gets you no where fast in this industry. Experts know stuff you don’t! That’s why they’re called experts.
  • Post/tweet/blog  beginning with me me-me-me- I -I -I- buy-buy-buy -like me-friend me-see is vain (and not very marketing savvy).  Posting selfies might be fun for you, but to most of us, it appears a tad narcissistic.
  • For GOOD: Use pride to create  high standards for your writing, blogging, & social media platform building. Feel pride in a task completed with grace, dignity, hard-work and perseverance!
  • Newbie authors yearn for the success of established authors. Remember, it took them years (and years) of writing, networking, and craft-learning to achieve. Envy is destructive–it zaps creativity and pisses off the Muse ( and she’s a temperamental b****).
  • FOR GOOD: Manipulate envy by taking a good-long-hard look at an established author’s work, website, posts, social accounts and then learn from them! You won’t find the big names ranting, whining, or complaining. There’s an old business maxim; dress and act as if you already have the next higher position on the ladder of success.
  • In the words of the revered sage Yoda, “Anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” Angry writers don’t think ( or bother cooling down ) before posting offensive stuff on Social Media.
  • FOR GOOD: Use the emotion! Is your heart bounding? Veins popping out of your forehead? Jaw clenching? Are you spewing venom? Great! Now draw upon your experience and use those indicators when writing about a wrathful character.  Don’t go to the Dark Side! Write about wrath, don’t “do” it.
  • Lazy-lazy-lazy. Frankly, finding excuses NOT to write/rewrite/edit is contrary to your claim that you love to write. From “I have a hang nail” to “I’m not inspired” to “My coffee is cold” excuses don’t get the damn book written. Neglecting to take the necessary time to write, rewrite, rewrite again (times 7), and edit is a daunting task. Telling a story is one thing, crafting a sentence or plot is another. Some newbies don’t understand the time involved to study your craft, build a platform, write great blogs, or maintain your website. Writing is difficult enough, finding the time and motivation for the other necessary tasks is challenging!
  • Thomas Edison said Genius is 1 % inspiration, 99% perspiration.
  • FOR GOOD: If you must be lazy, at least daydream a solution to a plotting or scene flaw, create characters, brainstorm new blogs, or plan your next book.
 Avarice (greed)
  • Writers who will not share information, experiences, or knowledge. Yes, yes, I know, knowledge is power, but Paying it Forward garners more followers, friends, and good karma. Most of what I learned about the publishing industry and platforming comes  from reading blogs and attending conferences—and I give them a BIG virtual hug and thank you.  As one who teaches literary analysis for a living, sharing my knowledge of authorial techniques and literary craft in my Rock Your Writing blogs helps me Pay it Forward.
  • FOR GOOD: Embrace the greed when its time to carve out time to write. Hoard research or reference books needed for your genre or novel.
  • Excessive consumption of adverbs, adjectives, cliches, hackneyed tropes and other tragic writing no-nos. Spamming your book on social media. Getting drunk on the social-media Kool Aid.
  • FOR GOOD: Indulge in reading delicious novels with chew-worthy themes, yummy characters, and smooth writing styles. Devour flavorful literature and drink in their authorial techniques.
  • Not the erotic kind, but those writers soooo in-love with every single word they write that they refuse–absolutely refuse–to cut or edit!!! Words are like hair. It grows back!
  • FOR GOOD: Use your desire and love of words for writing smokin’ hot sentences, creating sensual imagery, and showing passion for editing.

Just say NO to Writer Hell!

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