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The Elementals: aka: Sylphs. Gnomes. Salamanders. Undines. All created by God to protect the world from negligent wasteful humans.

Maybe you’ve heard of them?

Elementals look like humans but do not possess immortal souls.

They are an equal mixture of flesh and spirit—not an uncommon belief. In The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis writes that humans are amphibians: half human, half spirit.

At death, elementals simply revert to the element of which they are composed.

Only those  humans who are especially attune to high vibrations can communicate with elementals. During events like thunderstorms, earthquakes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions, everyone is made aware of the elemental’s power.

The Fab 4

Sylphs—aerial beings: Traditionally depicted as waif-like young woman with unpredictable and unreliable personalities, ( you probably know a few, right?) these beings have the highest energy vibration, live atop the mountains, and are deemed ethereal. Sometimes sylphs have to work with undines ( water creatures) to create clouds or snowflakes. ( I’m pretty sure I saw this on an episode of Myth Busters—haha)

Gnomes—earth guardians: Oh sure, you thought they just lay around fancy-shmancy hotels like they do in the TV commercials but they have another divine task. Gnomes guard the precious metals, minerals, and stones found in the earth. You’ll find them hanging out in caves, caverns, and other subterranean places. They are depicted as bearded dudes with round bellies who have a penchant for earth-colored duds—go figure! Gnomes have been known to disappear into  trees stumps or vanish into a crevice. If they like you they are nice—if not, they are pernicious little buggers.

Salamander—fire elemental: You might remember the salamander symbolism in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 452, if not, that’s OK. The fire-salamander link is ancient—a passage in the Talmud ( Jewish book of mysticism) contends that smearing the blood of a salamander ( yuck) on your skin will grant protection from flames. (Don’t try this at home, kiddies). The salamander is an angry element and portrayed as thin, red, and dry of skin. ( I don’t know about you but I see many of these salamander people in beach towns.)

Undine—water beings: These lovely creatures are depicted as beautiful women, fish, or snakes. They possess soft skin, melodious singing voices, and can be found in lakes, ponds and streams. Undine like to marry human men, but things get UGLY if the man betrays them.

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