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London Calling

buckingham guard While mom slogs away
editing 2nd novel, writing 3rd, & teaching, most-fortunate 1st daughter is enjoying an all-expense paid trip to England and Paris! ( courtesy of beneficent grandma)
So direct from fabulous, oh-so-chic London, 1st daughter kidnapped my blog to provide some jet-setting insight!
london street viewOMG! Public transport! Amazing! It’s essential here and no matter your social class or neighborhood, everyone uses it. Hands down, the oyster card is the best way for getting around London. Buy it weekly (£35) – and you can use it on any subway or bus. Also, everything is super clean and well- managed. I definitely recommend the public transportation for seeing the city.
london bridgeThe Fashion! Londoners certainly like variety! It was 55 degrees and you will see shorts and flip flops or fur vests. And scarves. Lots of scarves. And flat shoes–hellloooo, US buyers! Bring in some fashion forward flats for us on-the-move girls.
While doing the tourist sightseeing thing, I  also checked out the locals. The current looks:
  •  blazer with boyfriend jeans, bright flats mixed with bright patterned scarf–notice mine in the photo?
  •  jean shorts with tights and some wedge booties
  •  almost anything goes.  
  • The H& M in London is to die! (Mom, send more $$. LOL)                                                                                      Whatever they wear, the Brits rock their ensembles with confidence.
s w beerEveryone warned me how expensive Europe is–because of the exchange rate— but I find the prices are on par with those in the states. I don’t feel like I’m paying the astronomical fees that everyone was talking about.
Exchange rates: Do not go to your local bank before the trip. They over charge for the exchange. Local London banks compete with better exchange rates. You end up saving much more. I bought another glass of beer with my savings!
Thanks for letting me takeover your blog, mom. Can’t wait for Paris!