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Why my dog is a Kardashian

I love my pooch!

She’s a mixed breed, part Maltese, part poodle–a malti-poo. I’ve been told she is a rather expensive breed. I saved a designer dog! I found her sad, scruffy, ill-behaved, and untrained at the local animal shelter. She sat in my lap and, naturally, the rest is history!

Anyway…the other day it just hit me! Bam! My pooch is a Kardashian–or should have been.

Why, you ask?

  • 1. She’s always ready to play, especially at night.
  • 2. She only looks really good after she’s been groomed by professionals for several hours.
  • 3. She sits on the fluffiest, most expensive pillow in the house.
  • 4. She’ll only perform for treats.
  • 5. She looks best in a diamond collar.
  • 6. Her favorite blanket is a fur.
  • 7. She likes to snuggle while watching basketball games.
  • 8. She gets really excited whenever a black man comes to the door.
  • 9. Actually, she becomes excited when any man comes to the door.
  • 10. She rarely listens to her mom.
  • 11. She dislikes waking up before 6 am.
  • 12. She eats daintily and nibbles on food throughout the day.
  • 13. She dances every chance she gets.
  • 14. She gives me  a sassy look whenever she’s been scolded.
  • 15. She obstinate, independent, and totally lovable.
  • Lulu's summer short-hair look!

    Lulu’s summer short-hair look!

    Lulu's shaggy dog look!
    Lulu’s shaggy dog look!

  • Trimmed, washed, & blow dried.

    Trimmed, washed, & blow dried.

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