field of flowersI attended a wedding at a ranch in the middle of almost nowhere. (Nowhere: suburbanite’s definition for “this town has no Starbucks”)

This wedding was different from all the others I attended  because—aside from the bride’s family ranch/farm location at Weiser Family Farms— it was my son’s wedding.

Here’s a few ranch wedding do’s.

  • Wear flat shoes ( or cowboy boots) for walking in the uneven fields
  • bring sunglasses
  • bring wrap/shawl ( or man with jacket) for cooler evening temperature
  • be prepared to dance to rock-a -billy
  • toss unused or warm drinks into the field behind you
  • appreciate the sunset
  • gaze up the magnificent  stars above
  • don’t get so drunk your “short cut” through the fields ends in the next county
  • have enough amps for the all the power you’ll need  ( band, food, lighting, sound system)
  • go for a ride around the farm on the bicycle bus
  • if you’re mom to the groom, bring a hanky
  • (advice from sibs) don’t look at mom when she’s crying or you will start to cry
  • don’t do anything behind the barn you wouldn’t want the guests to know about

971438_10151811312984286_1785057523_nThanks to impeccable planning, first class LA chefs,gourmet wedding menu a live band, and all the little extras that went into the ceremony and reception, the wedding was both a visual, gastronomic,  and emotional delight.Ian & Stefi's wedding






Mom n Ian





Ian n Stef

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