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Interview: L.Z. Marie


Written by: Heather Valenti  May 5, 2014

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“I think writing one’s first novel is a bit like losing one’s virginity. You are not prepared for the experience and you’re not sure if you or ‘it’ was any good.” — L.Z. Marie

As it turns out L.Z Maria is more than just a little ‘good.’ In this exclusive Interview with L.Z Marie, author of the Merkabah Series, she revealed how she began writing, the effects of being both an author and teacher, as well as her own advice to writers everywhere. Working on the third novel in her e-published Merkabah Series, querying a novel to an agent, keeping up with a blog, and teaching an advanced novel analysis course she still managed to find the time to graciously let me interview her.

The opposite of her sassy, ever moving heroine Daphne of the Merkabah series, Marie was by no means less interesting. The author displayed a down to earth, thoughtful, persona as she answered my questions. When asked about how she got started in writing her answers was simple yet surprising; “As soon as I could hold a crayon. Wrote stories all through elementary, middle, and high school.”

As it turns out, her writing was popular far before she was even published, going so far as middle school. “I wrote sassy-stupid adventures for my friends in middle school. I was a nerdy kid, but the personalized stories made the rounds, and suddenly everybody wanted one,” says L.Z Marie.

She didn’t immediately leap out of high school into a writing career though. As many of us are aware writing is a tricky job. What one person may love others may not be so kind towards. Aware that her parents would not approve such a career choice she sought and attained a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Now, as a teacher and writer, she says her teaching greatly affects her writing. One has to wonder if Daphne, an assistant to an English professor at the beginning of the series, is a memory or simply inspiration. L.Z Maria explains that: “Preparing them for world exams keeps me my literary toes! Studying the craft & nuances of great authors helps me to incorporate symbols, motifs and yada-yada into my own work. And interestingly enough, writing novels has made me a better teacher, because I can say with confidence, “the writer wrote that for a reason and here’s why.” I write blogs about symbolism & craft for both other writers and find my student’s referring to them as well. A win-win all around!”

Her blog, ‘Fiction flirts with Fact… very Novelicious,’ offers a variety of writing advice as well as fun and interesting labels for writers and readers including; what kind of conference attendee are you, Readereality, and much more. To find out what types of readers and writers you are visit her at her home page: . Updated at least twice a week.

Sure enough she labels herself, by one of her own personality quizzes, as a genrewhore. It doesn’t matter the genre as long as it’s good. L.Z Marie seeks out books that she describes as: “”chewy” books that are well-crafted, have witty prose, makes me laugh, challenges conventionality, and stirs the imagination. I believe everything a writer reads offers a unique experience. Much of my personal reading is whatever strikes my fancy.”

To give a little hope to those writers unsure about whether it’s too late to get involved in writing or those just starting out it should be noted that L.Z Marie, while having writing since she could hold a crayon, only began her career as a writer a few years ago when her four children were old enough to fend for themselves in the kitchen. She noted that: “I had NO IDEA about building a social media platform and knew nothing about querying or the publishing industry, but I jumped headfirst into the publishing waters and read a bazillion articles and blogs about the process… -each novel is a new experience with its own obstacles. But writing each one solidifies my love of writing!”

Her final advice for those seeking to make it in the turbulent industry of publication: “Write-write-write. Query-query-query. Don’t give up! Write because you love to write!” If you’re interested in more by this author feel free to check her out on facebook or twitter . And to those interested in getting a better look at her books, you can find her on Amazon:


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