Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 5.26.37 PMIt was one of those weeks when I read lots of status updates and tweets about writers napping, Netflix binging, and being sent to Facebook jail

Maybe all these updates get me testy because I don’t have the luxury of napping-Netflixing-FaceBooking.  ( Although my students would like it. ) Maybe it’s because I struggle to squeeze out every drop of writing time I can into my too-much-to-do day. Maybe it’s because I’m jealous. Or maybe it’s because even it I could nap ( on a weekend ) my characters and plot are shouting at me.

Writing time is valuable and precious. Don’t squander it. You don’t know what trouble and difficulties tomorrow will bring that keep you from writing.

So with apologies to poet Robert Herrick, here’s my advice to writers.

To the Writers, Too Much Waste of Time

Gather ye stories while ye may

Writing Time is fleeting

And the plot ideas that smile today

Tomorrow you’ll be deleting.

The glorious Dream of Publishing your book,

The harder it’s a-getting

The sooner you revise that first draft gobbledygook

The closer an agent’s accepting.

That time to write which is the best,

When ideas and passion are hot:

But doubt, delay, or too much stress

Time succeeds to rot.

Then be not coy, but write your novel,

And while ye type, be smitten

For if wasting hours on a social media debacle

Your novel will be forever unwritten.


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