12 sign your wip

Writers spend more time with their manuscripts than their best friends. Or maybe it’s that your work in progress is ever so much more needier and demands hours and hours and hours and hours of attention.

*WIP stands for work in progress

  1. You spend every spare moment together.
  2. You take selfies together. #BestiesForever #BFran #BFF #BFFForever
  3. Your WIP doesn’t care that you haven’t shampooed your hair for days.
  4. You can reveal your weirdest, most frightening, craziest thoughts.
  5. You can throw a tantrum in front of your WIP.
  6. You drop everything to come to your WIPs rescue.
  7. The thought of drifting apart makes you break into a cold sweat.
  8. Your WIP loves when you do a makeover!
  9. You cuddle on the sofa.
  10. Your 1st-draft WIP embarrasses you but you’re OK with it.
  11. You miss your WIP when you haven’t visited for a few days.
  12. Your WIPs problems are always on your mind.

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