New Years Writing Resolutions

  1.  Write every day.
  2.  Fall in love with the process of writing, from the initial idea to the first draft through the 10th revision and editing stage.
  3.  Devote X minutes a day to learning about the craft of writing. Take a creative writing class, join a writing group, read blogs.
  4.  Devote X minutes a day to learning about the publishing industry.
  5. Banish fluff and vague words.
  6. Quit complaining about writer’s block.
  7. Learn to overcome your writer’s block. Read RX for Writer’s Block for ideas.
  8. Spend less time on Facebook and Twitter and more time on your manuscript.
  9. Organize your computer desktop, research notes, character charts etc. Read Idea Vault for ideas.
  10. Spend time observing the people, objects, and events around you. Read Authorveillance for ideas.
  11. Read other genres.
  12. Find a critique buddy, group and/or writing club.
  13. Worry less, write more.
  14. Save your manuscript in 3 places. For other words of wisdom read A Confucius Consultation.
  15. Devote less time to your favorite TV show and become more devoted to your manuscript.
  16. Build or revamp your platform.
  17. Start a blog. ( see #16 )
  18. Believe in yourself.
  19. Dream big.
  20. Never, never, NEVER give up.


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