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9 Greek Sayings For The Writer

Greek sayings for writersA trip to Greece had me pondering many things: my writing career, future plots, the sagacity of the ancient Greeks, and the hour of my next delicious cappuccino freddo. Of course, I also contemplated quitting my job and traveling the world—until I remembered I have a mortgage and 2 children in college. *Sigh* Traveling to an ancient civilization has a way of making one think profound thoughts—or maybe that’s the ouzo talking.

In an effort to extend my Greek experience, I’ve found 9 Greek quotes that apply to writers. Oh, and you get pictures too!

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Writing Persona

What's your writing personaWe’re all familiar with zodiac and Meyers-Briggs personality types, but do you know your literary persona? You know, that’s the one that emerges when you’re in author mode. In the spirit of novelicious good fun, which fab female fits your writing persona?


Mary Poppins: You’re a cheery but no nonsense sort with a whole bunch of tricks up your sleeve and a with a song in your heart. Although you believe in the power of magic, you know a strong work ethic will help see you through the chores of daily writing housekeeping concerns like editing and maintaining your blog. Practical and positive, you have friends from every strata of society. “A spoonful of honey makes the medicine go down” is your preferred method for dealing with tasks you don’t like much.

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Some Things Never Change

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.40.08 AMTook a trip down Memory Lane today. While cleaning up the website I stopped to read my very first post from four years ago.  It made me smile because I still feel the exact same way about writing.

A lot has changed since then. I self -pubbed two urban fantasy novels, wrote the third in the series ( it’s sitting on my desktop), wrote 3 historical fiction, attended 5 conferences, made writer, reviewer, and blogger friends, and landed an agent. ( Waiting for that big break.)

My first post is uncategorized, really short, and without tags—newbie style, but the same joy, zest, and love for writing hasn’t diminished. Not one bit. And you can’t buy that kind of feeling.

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Weird Words for Writing Problems

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 3.33.49 PMWords you never heard to explain your writing problems.

Warning: Nerd alert ahead!!!

Writing is easy, except when it’s not. Writer’s block is just the tip of the iceberg. Below are 16 other problems writers struggle with. So in case you weren’t already feeling unappreciated or overlooked enough here’s a few more reasons to amp up your angst.

Is your vocabulary and syntax too literary? Maybe your style is suffering from adoxography: Fine writing on a trivial or base subject.

Perhaps your vocabulary isn’t up to par or you enjoy confounding readers with ancient words. If so, you might have issues with  acryology: incorrectly used or obsolete diction.

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Zen and The Art of Manuscript Maintenance

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.49.44 PMWriting is more than just sitting down at the keyboard and typing. Writing is diving into the depths of your soul and embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Writing means peeling the onion layers of beliefs and emotions to expose its raw core—and then conveying those sentiments in a way that will evoke a reader’s emotions.

The act of writing requires emotional energy, which is easily depleted. As any new ager or old ager will testify, aligning one’s energies or chakras are important for physical and mental health.

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Don’t Fear the Critiquer

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 6.23.26 PMDespite what you may think, the folks critiquing your manuscript are not the sickle-wielding grim reaper come to bury your manuscript, although for the uninitiated it can be Hell.

I paid—yes, paid—for critiques from industry professionals at writers conferences and also paid a professional writer for a manuscript critique/editorial report. Those critiques were worth every penny…er…dollar. Of course, there are lots of writers groups willing to do it for free. Just make sure those critiquing have cred, and by that I mean they have had a traditionally published novel or are in the industry ( agent, editor ). Suzy Sunshine’s gushing over your manuscript won’t be helpful in the long run.

Critiques, especially for the novice, are invaluable! However, you have to put on your big boy pants and be willing to take advice and learn from your mistakes. Easier said than done!

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The Artistic Writer

One picture says a 1000 words. A luxury writers do not have. However writers have been known to get an idea to two from gazing at works of art. So in a silly effort to merge the two here are eleven famous paintings that describe the writing life.

First day last day



writing a query

writers conf


First drafts be like

rewriting a sentence.


slaying adverbs

Wrestling with 3rd draft



author platform

agent rejections

 On a more serious note, I flip though my art books or browse the web for:
  • a character’s facial features
  • a character’s body type
  • body postures, especially as it conveys mood
  • clothing styles, patterns, fabrics, especially historical garments
  • food from a particular historical period
  • architecture, houses, and furnishings from a particular historical period
  • historical detail or information ( if painting is accurate or painted in the same century)
  • colors that evoke a particular mood
  • landscape and the colors used to evoke mood

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Greek Geekery

greek godsYou did it! You opened Pandora’s Box! You told EVERYONE you were writing a book! Now, how will you lord over your manuscript while Mounting the Olympian task?

Which of the 13 Greek Gods most resemble your writing world ?

 King of the Gods
You plan on weathering the storms of writing problems by throwing down lightning bolts of words and thundering at anyone who DARE stands in your way.
You take the manuscript bull by the horns and soar like an eagle until the scepter of publishing is firmly in grasp.


God of the Underworld
Your genre is the dead, almost dead, undead, or mostly dead. In fact, you regret not writing sooner! Blogging, writing, and tweeting is the 3-headed Cerberus you control.
Once at your keyboard your Cape of Invisibility shields you from earthly distractions.


Messenger of the God
Social media is your ticket to fame, the caduceus of algorithms & statistics your game.
You travel to conferences, trade beta reads, communicate with readers and writers. The winged sandals of social media help flex your athletic writing muscle.


God of War
Writing is your battlefield. With word spear and genre sword, you attack the chaos of your imaginative mind until victorious.
Moody and unpredictable, you attack characters and plot with creative violence.


Goddess of the Harvest
Understanding a book’s life cycle, you value any  grain of knowledge providing nourishment to your manuscript. You are confident in your ability to harvest theme, plot, and characters with cultivated growth.


God of Music & Poetry
Your prose is lyrical, your plotting poetic. Surrounded by the Muses, you are often plagued with the idea of perfection, which often destroys your confidence and love affair with writing. With the laurel wreath of writing knowledge crowning your head you continue stroking the lyre of words in you heart.


Queen of the Gods
A bit of a peacock, you respect the marriage of genre and plot; the publishing empire; appreciate the advice of writing kings; and value the suffering while birthing a book.
You are prone to jealousy and revenge if you suspect a social media infidelity.


God of Fire
You hammer out plot, using the genre tongs and conflict anvil in forging a creative masterpiece. Writing is your craft, the fire of imagination either creating or charring your volcanic word count.


God of Sea
You are flooded with inspiration, yet despite reigning over a sea of ideas, plotting earthquakes often cause a writing drought.
Strong-willed and proud, you stop horsin’ around to fish out the cause until you ride the tide of creativity once again.


Goddess of the Hunt
Although a writing virgin, you eagerly enter the novel wilderness, hunting down the requirements of your genre.
Equipped with spears of blog links, your bow shoots true, striking the bear/bare truths of plotting and the deer/dear gift of prose.


Goddess of Wisdom
You know writing requires intelligence and skill. With knowledge shielding you from publishing myths and querying realities spearing your dreams, you apply battle-like strategy. Whether you make war or peace with your manuscript depends on your emotional armor.



God of Wine
Words are your party! Chapters your orgyOften drunk on your own word count, you are prone to plotting madness and character chaos.
Be it wine, coffee, or chocolate, you need a buzz to create, and love being surrounded by a posse of writers at conferences.


Goddess of Love
Your desire for writing is matched only by your love of the beautifully crafted sentence, the sensual turn of phrase, and the nude truth in words. Wearing the magic girdle of imagination, you laugh at plotting problems and smile at naysayers, for you are, after all, the very embodiment of writing pleasure, be it first draft, rewrites, or edits.


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