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Humans are a psychotic bunch! Many of us are stressed and frantic.  Oh, lucky and blessed are the rare individuals who possess a Zen-like demeanor and state of being.

Have humans always been stressed-out?

You know it! Even THOUSANDS of years ago!

stone tabletYup! There’s clay tablet proof! And you know, if it was written in stone is has to be true.

Seems back in 1300 BC, those wacky Hittites—residents of what is now modern day Turkey—even had the ancient equivalent of a profession we call on during times of emotional trouble— psychologists.

The Hittite translation was not nearly so scientific: Old Woman.

Masdigga was an early psychologist in Kizzuwatna (turn right at the ziggurat and go 200 miles until you get to the coast–you can’t miss it).

Straight from 70 clay tablets, here’s a couple of the problems Masdigga dealt with and her remedies.

Anger Issues/Marriage bickering ( strange how those two are linked :  Burn a tongue-shaped package of mutton fat and wool over a fire while counseling the individual/couple on methods for releasing their anger. ( I should have tried this with my Ex)

Enemy worries: A 3-day seminar, complete with a keynote speeches by angels  who advised on using mind control techniques  ( mind games) to conquer their enemies.

Ancient Psychology involved more than just talk, Masdigga often used props like: butchered animals, trees, 3 different colors of wool, 6 different kinds of metal, baked and unbaked bread, pine cones, cord/string, wine, bowstrings, mice, and a few other local animals.

The BIG drawback to being an Old Woman in those days—besides, perhaps the title—was that Hittites believed natural disasters and plagues were the result of the Gods’ wrath! This required her to appeal directly to the Gods. And oh boy, are they picky!

Masdigga also did some moonlighting as a Notary! That’s right, her profession included authorizing the legitimacy of documents. Yup, even back then we needed these folks.

What was the average salary of an Old Woman/psychologist?  Sadly, not much. Coin was scarce and so she was paid in goods and services.

Masdigga: Ancient Psychologist. Family Therapist. Plague Minimizer. God  Appeaser. Stress Reliever. Notary. Military Adviser.

Any you thought you were busy!

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Pancho Barnes

PanchoIt’s Fab Female Friday! This week: Florence Lowe Barnes, aka Pancho. Maybe you’ve heard about this fearless gal!

Aviatrix. Record breaker. Rancher. Stunt Flyer. Mom. Hollywood elbow-rubber. High-flyer.

Pancho was born in Pasadena, California in 1901 and was the granddaughter to the man who pioneered American Aviation with the Union Army Balloon corps.

Flash forward several decades>>>

One day as Pancho took her cousin to his flying lessons, she realized she too wanted to soar in the big blue. A persuasive woman, she convinced her cousin’s instructor to begin teaching her that very day.

A quick learner and gutsy gal, she continued flying even after a crash, and in 1930—flying 196.10 mph—she broke Amelia Earhart’s speed record!

(How come I never read about her in history books?)

Not one to sit around resting on her laurels, she became a stunt pilot in Hollywood  and made plenty of Tinseltown connections.

desertThe Depression, however, resulted in a loss of most of her money. She scraped enough together to buy 180 acres of desert property out in in the boonies of the Mojave desert ( tumbleweeds, cactus, dirt, lizards—think Wiley Coyote)  Her closest neighbor? March Air Force Base.

There she rubbed elbows and threw parties for people like Chuck Yeager, General Jimmy Doolittle, Buzz Aldrin, and the Hollywood A-list crowd.

After a protracted legal battle with the government (never fun) over the price of her land and a suspicious fire, she moved to Cantril.

Unable to stay away from the life she loved, Pancho became a regular visitor at Edwards AFB, soon enjoying the company of her ol’ fly buddies.

Pancho died in 1975, never having made it to her keynote speech at the local Aero Museum reunion event.

This amazing woman is the subject of several books, movies, and documentaries. Courageous. Bodacious. Married 4 times! A force to be reckoned with.

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